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Update January 1 2017:

- Removed level requirement areas around Aeven
- Uploaded more content in preparation for level 80 area 
- Boosted reward experience for quests in Newb land
- Lizzy eyes and vita skins are now bought at certain shops in Level 70 area
- Wingo Claws and Orb of Light now are bought by Puppet Master

Update January 8 2017:

-Aeven now spawns x2 Amos in the middle every 80mins untill January 15th
-Frog masks can now be sold to Witch in the swamp

Update: January 24 2017:

-Level 80 released! Access to level 80 area is in hallowdale!

Update January 30th 2017

-Finally fixed warrior class it was giving points for 2 stats instead of what it was set to, this will also allow me to add in new classes
-Fixed bug with atlantis quest allowing you to stay as fish when you die

Update Feb 7th 2017

-New class for level 50+ added in Aeven at the border between Ant area entrance and Aeven woods entrance
-Needles can now be sold to witch

Update March 13th 2017

-Water dragons in the level 80 area now spawn much faster and there is more of them
-There is also a npc in the main town in the level 80 area that will warp you to the water dragons

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