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Rules And General Conduct
No Hacking! Any attempt to edit the game in anyway or using Brute force programs ect will result in BAN!

No botting! Any attempt to use a program to bot your account will result in BAN, If I warp to you and you don't respond in 30 seconds you will be kicked and multiple kicks will result in a BAN!

Sordie's Addons are allowed but abusing them is not. Using multiple accounts at a boss area without the knowledge of the people currently there is not allowed.

Racism or flat out bullying of players will result in kick/jail time and if it continues it will result in a BAN!

Absolutely no Server Trading or Selling items for money is allowed.

Any pixel work my server has that you take directly from my server without asking will result in me contacting your VPS provider and issuing a notice.

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Rules And General Conduct - by admin - 12-30-2016, 09:35 AM

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